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How can I help you get on the water? Will you be in this area on vacation and looking for some nature to explore? Have you ever thought of kayaking for exercise? Are you just thinking about trying it out? Or are you looking to paddle for hours? Do you have a kayak or canoe but no one to go out with? Do you need help getting your kayak or canoe to the river? Do you own a business and are looking for team building activities? Do you own a business on a river and would like to offer a guide service? Please call 386-717-4298, let's get you on the water.


Kayaking/canoeing is a physical activity. You must be able to get up and down and paddle a boat. I am willing to work with you but any medical emergency response could be timely due to the nature of this activity. I will have a first aid kit onboard. I will be able to call for assistance if necessary just understand that it still could be a long time before help could arrive.


  1. Drink - water bottle

  2. Snack if needed

  3. Sun protection (sun screen, sun glasses, hat)

  4. Bug spray

  5. Water shoes

  6. Clothes that can get wet or dirty

  7. Dry bag as needed

  8. Cell Phone at your own risk

  9. Waterproof camera


  1. Anything that cannot get wet leave on shore - getting wet not always optional

  2. Pets, unless it is a Support Animal

  3. Throw away containers (lets keep it clean)

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